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No lessons, no teachers: at Code 3737, he students themselves are in charge of their success and their classmates.


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teaching structure

In a course of 5 skills to be achieved, you will be supported in a traditionnal way, by a teacher and by the innovative way of peer-to-peer leaning. By an almagamtion of these two teaching structures, you will have the chance to experience the evolution of the classic structure towards the innovative one.

No lessons

The students themselves will be in charge of their success and the success of their classmates, around a practical course and projects.

Collaborative work is the basis

Confrontations are necessary to overcome the difficulties of individual and collective projects.

Peer-to-peer assessment

Students will grade their productions among themselves. The submitted projects will be evaluated by several comrades


</ Hybrid Program >

Study at your rythm

The Code 3737 program is carried out in 12 months, this duration particularly includes periods of internship or training in a company. In addition, the program being a hybrid program, it is possible for the student to advance at his own pace so that the classroom environment can be accessed remotely.

It is the individual experience that drives the formation of Code 3737, not the administrative timeline. Twelve months is the time, that we believe important, to learn how to innovate technologically, gain work experience through internships and take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by Code 3737 throughout the year.

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Our vocation

Our vocation is to ensure a succession of programming and IT developpement talents by bringing the knowledge and experience necessary needed, to a population less concerned by the IT world.

Our objective is to offer a different training mode to complement the traditional structure of education and also to improve it for the best adaptation of the Internet and ICT industry's needs and reality. The goal is to prepare students for the job market as much as to be consultants in their field.

Our ideology

To allow a wider audience to discover their talent in the field of programming and IT developpement, and to enable them to participate in the advancement and constant improvement of the digital economy and of our province and our country.

We want to guarantee our young people a job and to endow digital companies, large as well as young innovative companies, with the talents they need.


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